Untrue Facts About Women You Probably Believe


Women CAN get pregnant during their period.

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March 4, 2015 |

Workout Plan to GAIN WEIGHT for Women


Please READ this box for more info. Best exercises to GAIN WEIGHT for skinny women. This workout plan is based on full body Compound Exercises. Compound exercises are those that involve more than one joint and muscle group. They are more efficient and effective for muscle growth.

10 exercises, 4 sets per exercises, 45 — 60 seconds of rest in between sets.

Set 1 – Choose weight that will be manageable for 12 reps.
Set 2 – Increase the weight slightly to which you can only accomplish 10 reps.
Set 3 – Increase the weight even more to which you can only accomplish 8 reps.
Set 4 – For the final set, lift even heavier weight to reach failure at 6 reps.

Workout Schedule: Only 3 – 4 times weekly on alternate days.
*It is important to know that it is NOT in the gym you achieve growth, it is when you rest and recover. Hence, a full workout day should be followed by a rest day to assure full recovery and growth.

Workout Duration: No more than 60 minutes per session.

Progression: Perform these exercises for 4 – 6 weeks. As you progress, lift even heavier weights and increase to 5 or 6 sets per exercise.

Stick with it, stay focused and I trust you will start to see changes in your body. EAT A LOT, REST, WORKOUT and you will GROW. All the best! xx

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January 24, 2015 |

Passage to India Orlando.Searching for the Best Indian Restaurant.Vlog: Russian Girl in USA. Part 18


Passage to India Orlando.Searching for the Best Indian Restaurant.Vlog: Russian Girl in USA. Part 18

This restaurant was very nice, the food was good and inside was nicely decorated. Not all dishes tasted the same as we used to in the UK but it was still tasty so I would come back here again.
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November 24, 2014 |
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